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B&G Sheds have created an attractive range of Barn designs that are strong and durable, but at an affordable price.

Widths Starts at 9.0. Any width up to 13.0 Mt span
Heights Starts at 6.0. Any length
Lengths Lower gutter heights 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6

American Barns

American Barns have a stepup from the lower roof to the second gutter. The stepup height can be varied to create additional space for mezzanine floors or a loft.

Aussie Barns

Aussie Barns have no step up from the roof to the second gutter. The Gable roof has a 25 deg roof pitch. The wings are at 10 deg. Roof and wing pitches can be varied

2/3 Barns

This Barn design has the centre section and one wing only. The Gable roof has a 25 deg roof pitch. The wing is at 10 deg. Roof and wing pitches can be varied.

2/3 Barn


We have a range of different stable designs that we are able to customize to suit the available space and your own individual needs.

Stable interior

Horse Shelters

We have a range of horse shelters that we can customize depending on the individuals needs.

Indoor Arenas

We can customize Indoor Arenas to suit the available property space as well as the needs of the property owner. We can any length, up to 42.0 Mt span and heights up to 7.5 Mt.

Designer Barns

Gable or skillion roof designs, heritage eaves overhangs with sunrise infills, finials, horizontal corrugated walls, Colorbond Weatherboard walls, balconies and verandahs are just some of the ways we customize Barns for our customers. Ask us to help your with your ideas.

Incorporate our extensive range of options with the flexibility of our Barn designs and create a design that suits your needs and looks great.

Designer Barn

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We are an independent manufacturer and installer of prefabricated buildings, not just an agency or franchise outlet. Cut out the middle men!

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